Meet James Shepard born and raised Houstonian (Houston, Texas) former football player that played some time overseas, also transitioned from a drug dealer to a athlete now he is sharing his experiences , and his views musically he is also a lyrical bomb threat who is lead by his faith with very similar sounds to a conscious rapper he touches on a lot of subjects from world views his stance in his journey is different perceptions relatable view points that has a message for the masses. Has had his share of struggles prior to music, and how he overcame and went through many storms as a athlete and becoming a athlete he never played high school sports and was involved in gang activity entered the streets at the age of 13, also was a gang member and sold drugs from 15 to 21 at the age of 20 realized he wanted to play football so he changed his lifestyle, and developed a relationship with GOD, two former NFL players helped take him off the streets. They assisted him and started processing him and teaching him the fundamentals on how to play football and become a athlete. His new journey began before his eyes.